Unlocking Asset Maintenance Excellence with Xugo

March 7, 2024


n the dynamic field of asset management, the need for a user-friendly and efficient solution is crucial. Xugo work management software (WMS) can support the gathering of data and helps attain visibility over your assets. Its robust capabilities make Xugo a valuable tool for improving asset maintenance and monitoring processes.

Enhanced Asset Lifecycle Management

At the core of Xugo’s effectiveness is its comprehensive capacity for overseeing assets throughout their lifecycle stages. The system provides a clear view of your work program. With advanced geographical visualisation and work management features, Xugo supports organisations in planning, prioritising. and assigning tasks throughout an asset’s lifecycle.

Tailored Solutions for Utilities

Xugo’s mapping and works management features are particularly useful for electricity distribution and transmission businesses managing their programs. The system aids in estimating works and costs, allowing organisations to monitor tasks in real-time across their network.

Seamless Field Data Capture

An outstanding feature of Xugo is its ability to capture field data seamlessly. Field staff can complete inspections and assessments directly within the Xugo app on their mobile devices, even in areas with no internet connectivity. The ‘offline’ mode ensures uninterrupted workflow, with data securely stored and uploaded when a connection is available.

Insightful Reporting and Compliance Monitoring

The software extends beyond visualisation, offering on-demand reports. Dashboards and custom reports provide an overview of your programs and help aid organisations in assessing performance and meeting compliance requirements.

In today’s digitised landscape, where data accuracy and completeness is crucial. Xugo stands out with automatic alerts for incomplete, mandatory or inaccurate data, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Real-time Access to Asset Data

The system’s practical features, including map visualisation, workflow data capture, and reporting, position it as a valuable tool. By leveraging Xugo, your organisation can not only gain an in-depth and integrated understanding of your assets but also have real-time access to asset data through your workforce.

Explore how Xugo can optimise your asset maintenance processes, following its success in streamlining legacy meter exchange requirements at United Energy. Whether you’re aiming to enhance asset intelligence or streamline processes from inspections to audits, contact the Xugo team.

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