Complaint identification, management and trend tracking

Xugo manages the entire process

Enables automatic notifications

Determines complaint trends

Automates compliance activities and removes the manual exchange of data

Engage with your teams wherever you are

Report insights on-demand

Manage and monitor complaints: Identifying issues and tracking trends utilising Xugo

Xugo streamlines complaint management processes, offering a comprehensive solution within a single system. From engaging with customers to handling complaints, scheduling appointments, and overseeing task completion, everything is seamlessly integrated. Capture complaints, incidents, and feedback directly from customers and internal teams, facilitating efficient tracking and resolution. Our clients leverage Xugo for recording and managing complaints, enquiries, site investigations, and access to data at various levels.

Xugo tracks complaints allowing users to quickly identify possible production issues and trace them to to their source

With Xugo, complaint management becomes centralised and efficient, allowing for seamless handling of tracking complaints, customer feedback, scheduling appointments, and ensuring all tasks are promptly addressed and resolved

Streamlined complaint management processes within a single system

Integration of complaint handling, customer engagement and task oversight

Direct capture of complaints, incidents and feedback

Utilised for recording, managing and investigating complaints

Identification and tracking of complaint trends for proactive resolution

Efficient handling of complaints and product issues

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Empower Your Operations with Xugo

Xugo enables seamless capture of customer feedback, incidents, and complaints from multiple sources. By providing a centralised platform for input, organisations can ensure that all feedback is promptly recorded and addressed, facilitating efficient complaint management.

Xugo serves as a centralised platform for recording, tracking, and resolving complaints. It streamlines communication between stakeholders, allowing for swift assignment of tasks, scheduling, and monitoring of progress. With Xugo, organisations can ensure that complaints are managed systematically and resolved in a timely manner, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

Xugo’s advanced trend tracking capabilities empower businesses to identify patterns and trends in customer complaints. By analysing historical data and tracking similar complaints over time, organisations can pinpoint potential issues and root causes. This proactive approach enables them to allocate resources effectively, update policies, and implement preventive measures, ultimately minimising recurring incidents and improving service quality.

Manage your business workflows

Once the necessary information has been collected and entered, Xugo’s rules-based workflows route the task/incident/feedback to the appropriate area for action. These workflows are dependent on your critical compliance control points which we can help you to define during implementation. Xugo drives your actions via rule-based workflow routing of cases to your teams no matter what their location.

Visualise data and extract insights

View and manage all your data in one place with Xugo’s dashboards. See all tasks, cases and programs underway, updated in near-immediate real-time. Customise what you see, view key statistics, and create charts and graphs without writing code. Track and monitor your workload, your team’s tasks, or other metrics. View or export comprehensive change logs for reporting, audit, and analytics purposes.

In-depth reports on demand

Stay up-to-date and respond quickly to requests/incidents with the ability to create reports on demand or choose an ideal reporting schedule. Share your reports via email and the web. Xugo’s full lifecycle management capabilities and comprehensive reporting provide a clear picture of works at every stage. Generate progress reports on works programs to track progress against task allocation by sites/teams/contractor groupings. Produce detailed custom reports with granular scheduling and extensive publishing options.

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