nack Brands Australia is the supplier of some of Australia’s most iconic snack food brands including Kettle, Thins, Samboy, CC’s, French Fries, Cheezels and more. Snack Brands provides chips, crackers, popcorn and other snacks that are beloved by consumers across the country, lining the tables of parties, family gatherings or a night in with friends. As a notable supplier, Snack Brands is customer-focused and dedicated to serving Australian snackers.

the challenge

Relying on an outdated management system, Snack Brands sought to upgrade its work management software to one that was cloud-based and had improved functionality.

When it came to reporting, the team needed a platform that was compatible with Microsoft Office programs and intuitive for any employee to use, regardless of whether they were tech-savvy or not. In their previous system, changing a report after it had been created was complicated because there were no options to modify the data without creating a whole new report.

Additionally, prior to upgrading, the Snack Brands’ customer service team did not have the option to work remotely, because sending out gift cards required them to be in the office in order to post them out to customers.

Snack Brands required a platform that could automate processes to streamline day-to-day operations and take the burden off the quality team which handled complaints, reporting and other duties.

Snack Brands' requirements

Xugo has made a positive impact on our business with managing consumer feedback. This system has increased the flexibility of our working arrangements greatly due to the introduction of electronic gift cards and compatibility with Microsoft Office. SFI’s service level is commendable, they quickly address any issues or concerns plus continue to develop and evolve the system.

the result

Upgrading to Xugo has meant flexibility for Snack Brands’ staff and streamlined systems for day-to-day operations. On average, the Snack Brands team saves over an hour a day lodging complaints, signing letters, issuing gift cards and more by using Xugo.

With an easy-to-use system, the team can customise and change reports depending on what analysis or new data needs to be included, offering greater functionality and insight into trends and practices. In particular, Complaints Per Million (CPM) reports allow in-depth analysis of the complaints versus sales data. Snack Brands can analyse based on complaint type, manufacturing site or individual product.

Instead of mailing physical gift cards, which can go missing or undelivered, now customers receive product branded e-gift cards. For Snack Brands, this saves time and costs associated with postage, while for customers, they can now have gift cards on their phones rather than carrying a physical card or print out.

This also gives the team the option to work remotely since everything from communicating with consumers to sending the gift cards is done within Xugo.

Xugo offers compatibility with Snack Brands’ existing software and systems, allowing every task or report to be completed in a single system, instead of jumping across multiple platforms.

Most importantly, being cloud-based, Xugo is available 24/7 on any device. In addition, the frequent product upgrades, and reliable help desk, ensure that help is always available should it be required. The Xugo support team communicates directly through messages or video calls, without using technical jargon, to resolve issues quickly and keep the Snack Brands team informed.

key benefits
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