Customers – your most valuable asset

Xugo manages the entire process

Enables automatic notifications

Determines complaint trends

Automates compliance activities and removes the manual exchange of data

Engage with your teams wherever you are

Report insights on-demand

Utilising Xugo work management software empowers organisations to elevate their customer relationship management capabilities

Xugo facilitates the secure management of ongoing records for both unique properties and customers. Its capability to track and maintain records over an extended period aids organisations in delivering consistent and personalised service that respects customers’ past preferences and instructions. This commitment to exceptional customer service not only contributes to enhanced overall client satisfaction but also ensures effective management of critical infrastructure and compliance with regulatory obligations.

Xugo securely manages ongoing records of customers, enabling long-term tracking and accessibility

Capture and collect contact information

Manage customer interactions within one solution

Track and maintain records over an extended period

Respect customer’s past preferences or instructions

Increase overall customer satisfaction

Keep your team informed

Help centre

Empower Your Operations with Xugo

Customer management entails overseeing a company’s relationship with not only its existing customers but potential customers as well. Organisations with the best customer management are able to interpret and deal with the needs and expectations of customers through successful planning, communication, and management.

Customers desire to feel that their concerns are being heard, taken seriously, and influencing the actions of the organisations they utilise. Utilities for example exist to provide their customers with essential services, and ensuring this process is smooth, efficient, and painless for customers is a top priority for utilities.

Servicing so many customers across a large network results in the collection and processing of large amounts of data, which can be difficult to keep track of. However, employing an efficient, secure, and effective WMS that can store and process real-time data enables organisations to better manage customer relationships with the help of Xugo.

WMS like Xugo allows organisations to deliver enhanced customer relationship management. In addition to facilitating this increase in customer management, employing a solution such as Xugo has the added benefits of:

  • allowing businesses to achieve compliance
  • helping to drive continuous operational improvements and efficiencies
  • identifying trends
  • increasing overall customer satisfaction.

Xugo WMS is capable of managing, storing and maintaining:

  • assets
  • tasks
  • transaction history
  • appointments
  • customer information
  • technical information and attachments (such as photographic evidence).

Xugo goes above and beyond other systems, with valuable workflows and business rules to ensure customer concerns and extra service requirements are not overlooked or missed.

Xugo enables organisations to easily engage with their consumers, brands and teams, and is specifically designed to monitor customer contact and ensure product and service quality is maintained and enjoyed by customers.

Manage your business workflows

Once the necessary information has been collected and entered, Xugo’s rules-based workflows route the task/incident/feedback to the appropriate area for action. These workflows are dependent on your critical compliance control points which we can help you to define during implementation. Xugo drives your actions via rule-based workflow routing of cases to your teams no matter what their location.

Advanced map visualisation

Visualise your assets and their associated data on your desktop or mobile device with Xugo. See where your teams, tasks, and assets are in real-time on a map, with display options including aerial imagery, standard road map or hybrid views. Filter and customise what you see. Locate tasks, assets, sites, contacts etc on the map, colour-coded according to status. Select pins to access or edit in-depth data about the asset and/or associated works.

In-depth reports on demand

Stay up-to-date and respond quickly to requests/incidents with the ability to create reports on demand or choose an ideal reporting schedule. Share your reports via email and the web. Xugo’s full lifecycle management capabilities and comprehensive reporting provide a clear picture of works at every stage. Generate progress reports on works programs to track progress against task allocation by sites/teams/contractor groupings. Produce detailed custom reports with granular scheduling and extensive publishing options.

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