Capture photos, notes and attachments


Feature overview

Xugo makes it easy for users to collect data, including notes, attachments, photos etc

Seamlessly attach photos, documents, notes and files to Cases, Tasks or Assets in Xugo, whenever you need. Tailor your workflow by making attachments mandatory, ensuring thorough checks and documentation. With secure cloud storage, access your attachments anytime, anywhere, directly within Xugo.

Enhance collaboration and streamline documentation efficiency in Xugo by seamlessly attaching photos via the web or app, documents, and files to Assets, Events, or Tasks. With optional attachments and secure cloud storage, access your files anytime, anywhere, directly within Xugo’s user-friendly interface.

Enhance communication and task management with Xugo’s integrated notes functionality. Add comments to Events or Tasks effortlessly, ensuring clear communication and streamlined collaboration. With detailed notes displayed in the Notes and Attachments panel, stay organised and informed throughout your workflow.

Tailor your note-taking experience with Xugo’s customisable note features. Choose from various note types such as Public Comment or Internal Comment as examples, and easily edit, share, or delete notes to suit your specific needs. Plus, enable notifications to keep team members informed and engaged, optimising workflow transparency and efficiency.

Create, share, and notify team members with ease using Xugo’s intuitive note creation process. With a rich text editor, attach notes to relevant objects and choose notification settings for enhanced collaboration and task management. Stay connected and informed throughout your workflow with Xugo’s note-sharing capabilities.

Streamline your workflow with Xugo’s comprehensive notes and attachments features, empowering you to enhance your data management effortlessly

Boost collaboration and streamline documentation in Xugo by effortlessly attaching photos, notes, documents, and files to Events, or Tasks.
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Built for efficiency

Easily track and manage all communication history within Xugo, ensuring seamless collaboration and accountability.

Utilise the notes feature in Xugo to add comments, instruction providing clarity and context to tasks and cases in real time, at anytime.

Attach files, documents, images, recordings to cases, assets and tasks at any point, facilitating efficient documentation and reference management within the platform.

Manage your business workflows

Once a case is initiated, Xugo’s rules-based workflows route the case and associated tasks to the appropriate staff, teams or departments for action. These dynamic workflows can be customised according to your critical compliance control points and processes.

On the go – mobile app

Whether you’re in the office, on the factory floor, or in the field, use your device of choice to connect with your teams/dept’s and complete your assigned tasks faster and more easily. Xugo’s app allows work in “occasionally connected, always available” mode to ensure field teams are always able to complete their work, even when network connectivity is limited or unavailable. When connectivity is lost, all data is stored locally on the device and is uploaded when connectivity is re-established.

Advanced map visualisation

Visualise your assets and their associated data on your desktop or mobile device with Xugo. See where your teams, tasks, and assets are in real-time on a map, with display options including aerial imagery, standard road map or hybrid views. Filter and customise what you see. Locate tasks, assets and spans as pins on the map, colour-coded according to status. Select pins to access or edit in-depth data about the asset and/or associated works.

Choose a device

Achieve Compliance Excellence

Employ integrated work management for success and efficiently track compliance-related activities with Xugo.
Learn how to avoid regulatory repercussions.