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Feature overview

Define workflows, route tasks, ensure compliance-driven actions, anytime, anywhere

Xugo drives your actions via rule-based workflow routing of cases to your teams no matter what their location. Once the necessary information has been collected and entered, Xugo’s rules-based workflows route the task/incident/feedback to the appropriate area for action. These workflows are dependent on your critical compliance control points which we can help you to define during implementation.

Configure rules within Xugo to automatically send alerts and messages via email or SMS based on data changes, dates, or other criteria. Users receive notifications for various scenarios, such as task assignments, asset status changes, or email responses, enhancing communication and task management efficiency.

Xugo’s Workflow Manager allows for the creation of business rules to streamline incident management processes. Administrators can define rules for incident creation flows and auto-population of fields, ensuring consistency and accuracy in data entry. Quick templates facilitate the auto-population of fields based on predefined criteria, enhancing user efficiency and reducing manual errors.

Users can escalate the priority of cases at any stage, and the system can identify overdue or unresolved cases based on predefined criteria. Overdue cases are highlighted for immediate attention, streamlining case resolution and prioritisation.

Xugo’s Workflow Manager module enables the setup of customisable workflows for case management, including incident reporting and compliance tasks. Administrators can define workflows, triggers, and escalation paths to manage and assign cases efficiently.

Xugo provides flexible workflow functionality to support multiple resolution paths, decision points, and outcomes tailored to individual cases. Custom workflows are configured to match specific business practices, ensuring adherence to defined processes throughout the case lifecycle.

Engage with your mobile teams wherever you are via Xugo’s app in real-time

Xugo's enables efficient workflow management and enhanced productivity. Users can configure rules for automatic alerts and notifications based on data changes and dates, ensuring timely communication. Notifications are accessible within the app or via email, keeping users informed without interrupting their workflow.

Built for efficiency

Xugo is a robust and flexible solution for managing your business processes, from simple cases to complex and extensive cases and investigations. The ability to link cases and create linked tasks and sub tasks provides for complex case management and coordination of multiple tasks throughout a series of workflows. Custom workflows are configured to match your required business practices and ensure adherence to defined processes guiding case management through its end to end life cycle via the defined series of tasks.

Xugo’s Workflow Manager empowers users to define business rules for processing Cases and Tasks, including prioritisation and threshold triggers. These rules encompass escalation paths to efficiently manage workflows. Additionally, administrators can configure quick templates for auto-populating fields, providing users with flexibility and efficiency in data entry.

Xugo has comprehensive alerting-based rules and workflow integrated with its workflow module for cases and conditions, which are configured during implementation. For instance, thresholds can be established for products with the same Best Before Date, prompting Xugo to generate alerts to designated personnel within the business.

Visualise data and extract insights

View and manage all your data in one place with Xugo’s dashboards. See all tasks, cases and programs underway, updated in near-immediate real-time. Customise what you see, view key statistics, and create charts and graphs without writing code. Track and monitor your workload, your team’s tasks, or other metrics. View or export comprehensive change logs for reporting, audit, and analytics purposes.

Tracking & traceability

Xugo can help you refine your productivity – track how long and the effort it took to complete a task or close off an event/case/incident. Benefit from assessing how you’re doing at specific tasks. Whatever you do, all case activities are logged and saved for easy traceability.

Streamline your business data with API Integration

Xugo provides an open and flexible architecture that accommodates interfacing with a range of enterprise and spatial systems and is therefore capable of receiving and sending data from/to the client’s systems via its secure, externally exposed REST API Gateway. This eliminates the task of manual data entry to automate & simplify the synchronisation of data between systems.

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