Cussons is an international consumer goods business that champions the wellbeing of people, families and communities everywhere. For more than 130 years, PZ Cussons has been creating products to delight, care for and nourish consumers, and they have found a place in millions of households. The business has leading brands in three core categories: hygiene, baby and beauty. Brand names under the PZ Cussons label include Morning Fresh, Imperial Leather, Radiant, Rafferty’s Garden and St. Tropez, among many others.

the challenge

In Australia, PZ Cussons needed to upgrade and modernise their digital systems. Employees were manually entering and extracting data to and from spreadsheets, which was limiting the data that could be collected and tracked.

These tasks, such as manually tracking expenses and creating reports, required considerable time and resources. Staff had to copy or enter information themselves and processes were delayed by emails going back and forth, both internally and externally.

Being all manual, PZ Cussons needed an easier to use and comprehensive system for reporting, case management and tracking expenses.

PZ Cusson's requirements

Using Xugo has made tasks that can be quite painful painless. As a business, we deal with multiple stakeholders and large amounts of data, but with Xugo, we are able to quickly respond to concerns and address issues, all on a platform that is easy-to-use and tailored to our requirements.

the result

Using the Xugo work management platform, PZ Cussons is now able to log and store all of their data in one centralised system. This means staff no longer have to copy information across to their database – instead, it is imported instantly from emails.

Not only did inputting information become easier, but accessing information did too.

Xugo has streamlined workflows for engaging with internal and external teams, with staff and third parties being able to directly access information or complete tasks in the same system. The time spent producing monthly reports has been cut down by half because data is easily extracted from Xugo and shared.

Instead of waiting for data to be loaded or a case to be updated by a third party, cases can now be reported on as soon as the data is entered, as Xugo updates information automatically so all staff and relevant third parties can access it.

Additionally, being able to track what actions have been taken, such as seeing when emails have been sent and with what attachments, has made investigations and incident reporting simpler yet more thorough.

Moving to Xugo’s cloud-based system has given PZ Cussons stability, as they can now rely on a single platform to store their data, accessing everything they need in the office and remotely.

key benefits
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