ndeavour Energy is a leading electricity distribution company operating in New South Wales, servicing over 2.7 million people living and working across Sydney’s Greater West, the Blue Mountains, the Southern Highlands, Illawarra and the South Coast. With an estimated value of $6.7 billion, the network supplies 1,034,215 customers spanning over 25,000 square kilometres.

Endeavour Energy’s vast network is made up of more than 430,000 power poles and streetlight columns, 202 major substations and 32,600 distribution substations connected by nearly 60,600 kilometres of underground and overhead cables. It also integrates with renewable energy sources including 200,000 residential solar connections, industrial solar and embedded large-scale batteries.

The challenge

Prior to using Xugo, Endeavour Energy was experiencing a number of challenges in managing data and data accuracy around its vegetation management processes. Under the previous system, it was difficult to integrate different programs and techniques within vegetation management. There was a lack of transparency of contractor works both operationally and commercially and the company lacked the capability to make data driven decisions.

Endeavour Energy’s requirements

“The responsive support post-deployment, for both field staff and back-end users has ensured a successful transition to Xugo at Endeavour Energy.”

Xugo is a ready-to-go solution backed by a strong team of analysts and developers at SFI. They understand the nuances of our business operations and organisation data and the Xugo mobile application and work management software is configured to effectively support those specific needs.

Endeavour Energy’s requirements

Since migrating over to the Xugo platform, Endeavour Energy is now able to monitor all facets of its vegetation management program, with the ability to segregate individual work programs. This has resulted in increased control over the service/performance management of the overall program.

Xugo facilitates instantaneous reporting on all aspects of the contract, ensuring timely and accurate monitoring of operations. The platform allows for live changes of tasks and hazards, ensuring productivity counts are correct and up-to-date. Additionally, Xugo has provided increased visibility of the audit trail for operational, financial and commercial outcomes.

Overall, Xugo has enabled Endeavour Energy to have better control over its information and workflows, resulting in more confidence in the process and the data. The platform provides real-time visibility when it comes to the completion of works and improved abilities for data standardisation, summary and statistical reporting and trend analysis.

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