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Feature overview

Facilitating knowledge transfer

Xugo provides fully featured Knowledge base functionality. A centralised resource to store all types of information such as technical information, Products, Brands, Datasheets, Raw materials, Stores, Locations where the product is sold etc.. to support the efficient resolution of customer queries and concerns. Xugo Knowledge base is open to all users to produce their own articles and update, delete and archive.

Xugo enables users to add tags or keywords to relevant articles, throughout the knowledge base.

Find what you need by entering a partial search employing fuzzy matching. As the user types text letters, the search results automatically refresh refining the articles that contain the text.

Scripts and text can easily be maintained in the knowledge base.

Articles can be in various formats such as text, imagery, useful web links pointing to PDFs, ensuring a versatile and informative experience for users.

Accessible at any time, our platform ensures a seamless flow of information for users.

Find and access supporting content using Xugo’s knowledge base when you need it

Store all types of information to help complete a task or a job, such as products, brands, data sheets, engineering designs, raw materials, stores, retail locations, manuals and procedures and more. Content can be added, modified or removed by authorised users.

Built for efficiency

Store and access various types of information including technical details, product data, brand information, and more to support efficient resolution of customer queries and concerns.

Organise articles with tags or keywords for easy categorisation and retrieval, enhancing efficiency in finding relevant information.

Access articles in various formats such as text, imagery, and web links, ensuring a comprehensive and informative experience for users.

Manage your business workflows

Once a case is initiated, Xugo’s rules-based workflows route the case and associated tasks to the appropriate staff, teams or departments for action. These dynamic workflows can be customised according to your critical compliance control points and processes.

On the go – mobile app

Whether you’re in the office, on the factory floor, or in the field, use your device of choice to connect with your teams/dept’s and complete your assigned tasks faster and more easily. Xugo’s app allows work in “occasionally connected, always available” mode to ensure field teams are always able to complete their work, even when network connectivity is limited or unavailable. When connectivity is lost, all data is stored locally on the device and is uploaded when connectivity is re-established.

In-depth reports on demand

Xugo empowers you to create unlimited custom forms, checklists, questionnaires and more – all in your preferred format and featuring your corporate branding. Create dynamic forms by choosing a variety of different field types configured for both web and devices. Easily establish user permissions to view and edit each form and set conditions to trigger a form to be completed. Add photos, attachments and electronic signatures to your forms. Create, edit or complete forms and checklists on your preferred device, wherever you are.

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Achieve Compliance Excellence

Employ integrated work management for success and efficiently track compliance-related activities with Xugo.
Learn how to avoid regulatory repercussions.