Streamline data with open API integration


Feature overview

Streamline your business data with API integration

Xugo provides an open and flexible architecture that accommodates interfacing with a range of enterprise and spatial systems and is therefore capable of receiving and sending data from/to the client’s systems via its secure, externally exposed REST API Gateway. This eliminates the task of manual data entry to automate & simplify the synchronisation of data between systems.

Xugo’s API connectivity facilitates seamless integration with existing systems, ensuring smooth data exchange while maintaining robust security measures.

Xugo’s open and flexible architecture enables the consumption of data from external sources, eliminating manual data entry and simplifying data synchronisation between systems via its secure REST API Gateway.

Leveraging 3rd party APIs, webhooks, and transport mechanisms, Xugo seamlessly shares data between client systems, enhancing interoperability and collaboration across platforms.

Xugo’s enterprise-grade API, the Xugo Gateway, offers extensive integration capabilities, allowing for the effortless integration of apps, APIs, and data across hybrid environments. With compliance to the OpenAPI Specification (OAS), interaction with the Xugo API Gateway is independent and user-friendly.

Seamlessly connect, integrate, and innovate

Xugo’s API connectivity means it integrates seamlessly with existing systems, while highly customisable security access controls, monitoring, and best-of-breed industry-standard encryption maintain data security.

Built for efficiency

Xugo’s API connectivity ensures effortless integration with existing systems, streamlining data exchange and enhancing operational efficiency.

Highly customisable security access controls, monitoring, and industry-standard encryption protocols guarantee the safety and integrity of your data, maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

Xugo’s open and flexible architecture allows for easy consumption of data from external sources, enabling automated synchronisation and simplifying data management processes across multiple systems.

Manage your business workflows

Once a case is initiated, Xugo’s rules-based workflows route the case and associated tasks to the appropriate staff, teams or departments for action. These dynamic workflows can be customised according to your critical compliance control points and processes.

In-depth reports on demand

Xugo empowers you to create unlimited custom forms, checklists, questionnaires and more – all in your preferred format and featuring your corporate branding. Create dynamic forms by choosing a variety of different field types configured for both web and devices. Easily establish user permissions to view and edit each form and set conditions to trigger a form to be completed. Add photos, attachments and electronic signatures to your forms. Create, edit or complete forms and checklists on your preferred device, wherever you are.

Secure solution, data protected

Xugo provides flexible and easily configured security and access control for various users, including external companies and contractors. Xugo can control access to data, features and functionality both on desktop and via a mobile device. All user activity is logged, monitored and contains automatic security logging. Xugo sits behind a web application firewall and the mobile application is authenticated via SFI’s API gateway. Xugo data is protected and encrypted at rest and in transit using industry-standard encryption.

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Food & beverage regulatory compliance made easy

Ensuring compliance is crucial for food and beverage businesses. Our integrated software simplifies compliance tracking for optimal efficiency.