ounded in 1865, the Arnott’s Group is a leading food company based in Australia and home to some of the country’s most recognised food brands including Arnott’s, Campbell’s, V8, Messy Monkeys, Freedom Cereals and 180 Degrees. The Arnott’s Group is headquartered in Sydney and employs over 4,000 people in markets across the Asia Pacific. It has manufacturing operations in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Indonesia, and Arnott’s products are stocked by all major retailers and known by millions around the world.

the challenge

Prior to migrating to Xugo, the Arnott’s contact centre operated on legacy systems and used outdated manual processes for capturing consumer data.

This meant the reporting process was inefficient and it was very difficult to retrieve information in real-time, detect issues quickly and deliver a fast response to customers. Maintaining an efficient reporting system and consumer database is crucial for addressing issues before they escalate. The Arnott’s team also needed a platform that could provide a live chat function to improve communication with consumers.

With Arnott’s undergoing personnel transitions, the company required software that was up-to-date, user-friendly and easy to learn. There are around 16 team members using the consumer data system and therefore shifting to a more efficient, digital model is a significant transformation for Arnott’s. The company needed to engage a partner that could provide a seamless transition and ongoing support.

Arnott's requirements

Transitioning between systems can be a challenge but with Xugo the process was seamless. The Xugo team's expertise in project management, depth of technical knowledge and can-do attitude really made it a positive experience.

the result

For the Arnott’s team, partnering with Xugo has enabled a seamless transition to the new work management platform. The Xugo team has the technical expertise to support Arnott’s with the rollout and develop more efficient processes, resulting in the Arnott’s customer team working more effectively than ever before.

Arnott’s now has real-time reporting capabilities which is beneficial for driving prices with consumer feedback and providing that information to the board. Improved reporting of complaints and investigation results has also allowed Arnott’s to enhance the quality of their products.

Through implementing Xugo, Arnott’s now has an optimised consumer data system. Every single contact is logged, detailing who is a repeat customer. It is easy to tell if there are trends or specific issues with products very quickly. Now Arnott’s has greater visibility if there is an issue or a recurring trend thanks to tailored alerts.

The Arnott’s team is able to respond to emails and issues that are posted on social media in a timely manner, allowing them to quickly de-escalate situations. Xugo has helped Arnott’s respond to consumer emails promptly, making their day-to-day operations easier.

Investigation results are also accessible within the Xugo platform, ensuring Arnott’s has all the information they need to close out its cases with consumers.

Alongside these benefits, the Arnott’s team is still working with Xugo to integrate consumer surveys, a live chat function and customer satisfaction scores to help measure the company’s performance.

Xugo has provided ongoing support and care throughout the transition. Thanks to the insights the Xugo platform provides, Arnott’s has deep insight into any issues that arise within the business, and can quickly and effectively resolve them.

key benefits
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