Streamline case management with Xugo

Determines complaint trends

Automates compliance activities and removes the manual exchange of data

Xugo manages the entire process

Enables automatic notifications

Report insights on-demand

Engage with your teams wherever you are

Built to monitor your customer contact & to ensure your product quality is maintained & enjoyed by your consumer

Xugo manages all phases of contact with your consumer and navigates you through your compliance processes. Respond to cases more efficiently to improve customer satisfaction. Xugo works with your unique business rules and frameworks to streamline case management processes and workflows – from the initial identification of a customer issue to its final resolution. View and manage all active cases across your business in real-time.

Xugo streamlines case management processes and workflows

from the initial identification of a customer issue to its ultimate resolution

Capture and Collate Feedback

Set Triggers for

Manage All Aspects
in One Interface

Create, Assign, and Reassign Tasks

Track Complaint

Implement Rule-Based Workflows

Help centre

Empower Your Operations with Xugo

Manage all cases and associated tasks via one intuitive interface. Identify, track and resolve cases wherever you are using Xugo on your chosen browser or device.

Gain a 360° view of all your cases and associated customers, interactions and tasks in near-immediate real-time with customisable dashboards or interactive mapping.

Create, assign, and reassign follow-up tasks to users, teams, or departments.

Set triggers to automatically create, escalate and prioritise cases according to your business protocols, directing incidents to the appropriate area for action. Define your business rules, critical compliance control points and escalation paths using Xugo’s dynamic case management capabilities.

Capture and collate feedback or incident reports from all channels – direct from your customers and teams. Utilise intelligent social media listening to capture, analyse and categorise comments, converting them into cases and/or actionable tasks when required.

Track complaint trends and automatically identify similar customer feedback to quickly flag potential issues.

Say goodbye to manual processes and information exchange for improved efficiency and reduced chances of miscommunication or data loss.

Configure automated workflows to match your quality and compliance frameworks and how your teams work. Xugo is work-management software adapted to your needs, so you don’t have to re-engineer your business just to use our solution.

Manage all cases and tasks conveniently through one interface with Xugo on your browser or device. Gain a 360° view of cases, customers, and interactions in real-time through customisable dashboards.

Assign and reassign tasks effortlessly to users, teams, or departments.

Set triggers to automate case creation, escalation, and prioritisation according to business protocols. Define rules, compliance points, and escalation paths with Xugo’s dynamic case management.

Capture and collate feedback and incident reports from various channels, including social media, and convert them into actionable tasks.

Monitor complaint trends and identify similar feedback swiftly. Eliminate manual processes for enhanced efficiency and reduced miscommunication.

Configure automated workflows to match your quality and compliance frameworks seamlessly. Xugo adapts to your needs, streamlining work without requiring business overhauls.

Review in-depth reports to analyse performance, streamline processes and drive continuous improvement.

View statistics, assess task progress against metrics and evaluate performance indicators against your goals. Easily visualise data in graphs and charts.

Produce comprehensive custom reports to schedule or on demand and share them seamlessly via email or web.

Manage your business workflows

Once the necessary information has been collected and entered, Xugo’s rules-based workflows route the task/incident/feedback to the appropriate area for action. These workflows are dependent on your critical compliance control points which we can help you to define during implementation. Xugo drives your actions via rule-based workflow routing of cases to your teams no matter what their location.

Visualise data and extract insights

View and manage all your data in one place with Xugo’s dashboards. See all tasks, cases and programs underway, updated in near-immediate real-time. Customise what you see, view key statistics, and create charts and graphs without writing code. Track and monitor your workload, your team’s tasks, or other metrics. View or export comprehensive change logs for reporting, audit, and analytics purposes.

In-depth reports on demand

Stay up-to-date and respond quickly to requests/incidents with the ability to create reports on demand or choose an ideal reporting schedule. Share your reports via email and the web. Xugo’s full lifecycle management capabilities and comprehensive reporting provide a clear picture of works at every stage. Generate progress reports on works programs to track progress against task allocation by sites/teams/contractor groupings. Produce detailed custom reports with granular scheduling and extensive publishing options.

Transitioning between systems can be a challenge but with Xugo the process was seamless. The Xugo team’s expertise in project management, depth of technical knowledge and can-do attitude really made it a positive experience.

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