Maximise asset performance with Xugo

Xugo manages the entire process

Enables automatic notifications

Identify trends in quality issues

Automates compliance activities and removes the manual exchange of data

Engage with your teams wherever you are

Report insights on-demand

Xugo supports enhanced planning, resource allocation and reporting for inspections, maintenance, and other asset management activities

Improve your services, optimise work programs, and ensure the safety and compliance of your infrastructure networks with Xugo’s best-in-class whole-of-lifecycle asset management capabilities. Utilise a single customisable interface to visualise your networks and work programs, schedule and review tasks, and access critical operational data seamlessly. Xugo’s advanced geographical visualisation and work management features facilitate more effective planning, resource allocation, and reporting for inspections, maintenance, and other asset management activities.

Work in unison with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Xugo extends enterprise systems into the workforce and into the field, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.  

Xugo your partner in Asset Performance Management

Informing and updating asset management software

Access diverse data types

Execute asset and equipment inspections and assessments

Complete safety and compliance checklists

Fill out forms in the field

Capture data related to assets

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Empower Your Operations with Xugo

Plan, prioritise, schedule and assign tasks throughout an asset’s entire lifecycle.

Get a big-picture view of your infrastructure networks and work programs via dashboard or map views, with easy access to in-depth data about each asset or span and its associated tasks.

Plan, view and manage your asset management programs via one intuitive interface on your chosen browser or device.

Incorporate detailed geographical information and asset data into planning and scheduling works. Prioritise inspection, maintenance and other asset management activities based on the condition, performance and criticality of your assets.

Unlock real efficiency improvements by saying goodbye to manual processes and cumbersome legacy systems. Enhance the exchange of documents and information across your organisation, reducing opportunities for miscommunication.

Generate custom in-depth reports to a schedule or on demand. Review audit results and assess performance on each program and task against key metrics to identify opportunities to optimise efficiency. Easily create graphs and charts within the app.

Set triggers to automatically generate tasks based on your business rules and workflows.

Xugo’s innovative mapping and works management features make it especially well-regarded by electricity distributors for planning and undertaking critical vegetation management programs.

Estimate works and costs.

View asset management programs and tasks planned or underway across your entire network via the dashboard or map view. Choose what you see and how you see it. Assess progress and performance in real-time.

Plan, schedule, assign, reassign, prioritise, escalate and track maintenance, inspection, condition monitoring and other asset management tasks from the office or the field.

Increase data accuracy by reviewing and approving tasks.

Locate your staff in the field and assign tasks based on location for faster and more efficient response to faults or other issues.

Project teams can utilise Xugo to capture asset-related data, informing and updating asset management software effortlessly. Additionally, the Xugo app empowers users to seamlessly execute asset and equipment inspections, complete safety and compliance checklists and forms.

Complete and perform asset inspections, assessments, safety checklists and forms directly into the Xugo app on your chosen device.

Capture and record data in the field. Seamlessly upload photos, videos, test results, surveys or other files to provide evidence of asset condition, work completion or other information. Uploaded data is linked to the relevant assets, locations, spans, tasks and teams, and stored in a secure central database with configurable access.

In areas of low or unavailable internet connectivity, ‘offline’ or ‘occasionally connected’ modes allow you to keep working without interruption. Data is stored locally and uploaded when reception is next available.

Easily access all the information you need to complete field tasks efficiently, safely and compliantly, wherever you are.

Advanced map visualisation

Visualise your assets and their associated data on your desktop or mobile device with Xugo. See where your teams, tasks, and assets are in real-time on a map, with display options including aerial imagery, standard road map or hybrid views. Filter and customise what you see. Locate tasks, assets, sites, contacts etc on the map, colour-coded according to status. Select pins to access or edit in-depth data about the asset and/or associated works.

Upload photos and more in the field

Xugo users in the field or office can add attachments (photos, documents, images, videos, files and more) to an asset, case or task. Attach an access track PDF to a span from the office or capture and attach photos from location to provide updates and/or additional detail about your cases, assets or tasks.  

In-depth reports on demand

Stay up-to-date and respond quickly to requests/incidents with the ability to create reports on demand or choose an ideal reporting schedule. Share your reports via email and the web. Xugo’s full lifecycle management capabilities and comprehensive reporting provide a clear picture of works at every stage. Generate progress reports on works programs to track progress against task allocation by sites/teams/contractor groupings. Produce detailed custom reports with granular scheduling and extensive publishing options.

The best benefit of Xugo for us was to have our database and access everything in one platform. We have all conversations in Xugo, from engaging with customers to closing the job. So, everything is done in one system, our scheduling, our photos, all data capturing, which makes the job much easier.

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