Drive quality assurance and compliance with Xugo

Identify trends in quality issues

Automates QA activities and removes the manual exchange of data

Xugo manages the entire process

Enables automatic notifications

Report insights on-demand

Engage with your teams wherever you are

Utilise Xugo to streamline your quality assurance processes and maintain compliance throughout your business operations

Increase the visibility of your quality and compliance frameworks, empowering your teams with up-to-date information at the touch of a button. Track compliance and quality assurance activities across your business in real-time. Review in-depth reports to streamline processes and drive continuous improvement.

Consolidate all facets of quality assurance management with Xugo

Manage compliance-driven data efficiently with Xugo

Enhance quality framework through Xugo's capabilities

Increase visibility of safety, quality, and regulatory programs

Streamline compliance activities with Xugo

Track compliance in real-time for continuous improvement

Simplify inspections, checks, audits, and investigations with Xugo

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Empower Your Operations with Xugo

Configure workflows to power your quality assurance and compliance frameworks, walking your team through each step. Define your business rules, critical compliance control points, triggers, and escalation paths.

Ensure the visibility of your processes, so your teams know what needs to be done, when, and by whom.

Manage triggers and notifications – ensure cases and workflows are automatically generated in response to events. Alert relevant parties to follow up, investigate, and/or take corrective action.

Capture, collate and respond to feedback and complaints from all sources and channels within a single interface. Automatically track complaint trends and identify similar customer feedback to alert teams to potential problems and trace them to their source.

Instigate follow-up actions – including inspections, recalls, audits and other investigative or corrective measures – and track their progress in real-time.

Optimise information exchange across your entire supply chain to manage suppliers and vendors, resolve cases quickly and ensure accurate records for more transparent processes and communications.

Remove the need for manual forms and checklists. Xugo allows you to create dynamic custom checklists, forms, and questionnaires. You can also set trigger conditions to prompt users to complete necessary forms.

Streamline investigations by having all follow-up tasks automatically created when a case is established.

Assign, reassign and escalate cases and tasks to individual Xugo users, teams, or departments no matter where they are located.

Generate reminders to prompt action on tasks and close cases.

Track inspections, case responses and other quality assurance activities for a comprehensive overview of their progress.

Easily view, plan and allocate workloads on your device.

Access and complete any required forms and checklists onsite when performing inspections or quality assessments.

Attach notes, photos, videos and documents to cases as evidence of inspection or task completion, to help assess asset condition, or provide further detail or context.

Complete remote work regardless of network connectivity on location thanks to Xugo’s “occasionally connected, always available” mode.

Knowledge base – your information hub

Xugo’s knowledge base puts a complete library of your reference information at your fingertips. Store and access procedures, regulatory documentation, technical data, safety procedures, raw materials, records and more. Content can be configured for context-driven access, making it accessible to the relevant parties when it’s needed. Experience efficient information management and retrieval in one comprehensive platform.

Tracking and traceability

Extensive tracking and traceability features can help you assess your processes and refine your productivity. Evaluate the time and effort expended on each specific task or case and assess your efficiency. Xugo securely logs every change to a case, from its initial inception to its closure. This provides a transparent record of each action and interaction undertaken by each user, so you always know “who did what, and when”. If a quality or product issue is discovered, full traceability ensures you can isolate the affected products. As a result, you can limit the extent of any recall or corrective action to the relevant products or batches with confidence.

Visualise data and extract insights

View and manage all your data in one place with Xugo’s dashboards. See all tasks, cases and programs underway, updated in near-immediate real-time. Customise what you see, view key statistics, and create charts and graphs without writing code. Track and monitor your workload, your team’s tasks, or other metrics. View or export comprehensive change logs for reporting, audit, and analytics purposes.

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