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Feature overview

Xugo’s dashboards provide a near immediate real-time view across the program

Instantly see your activity an progress at a glance via Xugo’s easily digestible overview. Xugo dashboards provide a near immediate real-time view across your program, and allow you to review workload – tasks, cases and actions, and have access to operational reporting for a quick overview of activity.

Access valuable insights from all users with the Xugo Dashboard, which aggregates metrics and performance data from across the platform. Whether you’re monitoring operational progress or analysing key metrics, Xugo’s Dashboard offers a centralised hub for comprehensive reporting and analysis.

The Xugo Dashboard offers a streamlined approach to report organisation, providing users with quick insights into their data. Users can customise their dashboard view by setting date ranges and choosing between daily, weekly, or monthly data displays.

Stay informed about your business’s operational progress and performance with Xugo’s intuitive dashboard. Track key performance indicators, daily, monthly, or weekly metrics, and gain a comprehensive understanding of your organisation’s data all in one place.

With Xugo, uncover trends and pinpoint ‘hot spots’ effortlessly using intuitive dashboard reporting tools featuring graphs and charts, Generate detailed reports to analyse trends, identify gaps, and assess areas of risk with precision.

Instant real-time view of tasks, cases, programs for efficient monitoring

Gain instant insights and track progress effortlessly with Xugo's intuitive dashboards

Built for efficiency

Easily track and manage all communication history within Xugo, ensuring seamless collaboration and accountability. Gain instant visibility into your program’s activity and progress with Xugo’s intuitive dashboards.

Access real-time data to track tasks, cases, and actions, ensuring you stay informed and up-to-date.

Utilise Xugo’s dashboards to access valuable metrics and performance data from across the platform.

Monitor operational progress, analyse key performance indicators and metrics, and track performance with clarity.

Utilise the notes feature in Xugo to add comments, instruction providing clarity and context to tasks and cases in real time, at anytime.

Tailor your dashboard to your needs by selecting date ranges and deciding between daily, weekly, or monthly data presentations. Streamline data organisation for swift insights into your business’s performance, enabling informed decision-making and fostering business advancement.

Manage your business workflows

Once a case is initiated, Xugo’s rules-based workflows route the case and associated tasks to the appropriate staff, teams or departments for action. These dynamic workflows can be customised according to your critical compliance control points and processes.

In-depth reports on demand

Xugo empowers you to create unlimited custom forms, checklists, questionnaires and more – all in your preferred format and featuring your corporate branding. Create dynamic forms by choosing a variety of different field types configured for both web and devices. Easily establish user permissions to view and edit each form and set conditions to trigger a form to be completed. Add photos, attachments and electronic signatures to your forms. Create, edit or complete forms and checklists on your preferred device, wherever you are.

Secure solution, data protected

Xugo provides flexible and easily configured security and access control for various users, including external companies and contractors. Xugo can control access to data, features and functionality both on desktop and via a mobile device. All user activity is logged, monitored and contains automatic security logging. Xugo sits behind a web application firewall and the mobile application is authenticated via SFI’s API gateway. Xugo data is protected and encrypted at rest and in transit using industry-standard encryption.

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Food & beverage regulatory compliance made easy

Ensuring compliance is crucial for food and beverage businesses. Our integrated software simplifies compliance tracking for optimal efficiency.