Connect with your customers

Manage customer feedback from multiple social media channels

Access all feedback through one central interface

Xugo manages the entire process

Enables automatic notifications

Report insights on-demand

Quickly address social media comments and create tasks

Leverage Xugo to prioritise critical customer interactions and enhance social performance across platforms

Connect with your consumers using Xugo’s interactive social media engagement capability. View all of your social streams within one organisation. See your notifications, mentions and posts on a single screen. Zero in on customer interactions that matter the most and turn these into actionable cases. Xugo also leverages Messenger for consumer interactions.

Xugo powers your compliance framework and increases visibility of your quality and regulatory related programs

Utilise for social listening and monitoring

Manage customer interactions within one solution

See your notifications, mentions and posts on a single screen

Quickly address social media comments and create tasks

Keep your team informed and up-to-speed with cases

Flag and escalate unresolved inquiries efficiently

Help centre

Empower Your Operations with Xugo

Effortlessly capture and display all posts, comments, mentions, and reactions across your social feeds in real-time, ensuring you stay informed and engaged with your audience.

With Xugo, you can promptly address social media comments directly within the platform, enabling swift action upon reading. Identify and escalate posts requiring attention, whether they’re inquiries, complaints, or expressions of appreciation.

Engage with your audience efficiently by replying to comments directly from Xugo, posting your response instantly onto the social channel without the need to switch platforms.

Upon identifying a post needing further attention, swiftly create an Event (case) to utilise Xugo’s robust Case Management capability.

Convert social media inquiries or comments into actionable tasks, such as ‘feedback on new packaging,’ and route them to your Marketing Team.

Automatically populate all contact details and communications in the newly created case or task, irrespective of the social channel’s origin.

Respond promptly, engage effectively, and track interactions seamlessly using Xugo’s advanced social listening features.

Easily search or filter threads by specific keywords to organise and capture relevant conversations, enabling quick action and reporting.

Xugo analyses the sentiment of comments, categorising them as positive, negative, or neutral, allowing you to prioritise urgent issues and address customer concerns efficiently.

Visualise data and extract insights

View and manage all your data in one place with Xugo’s dashboards. See all tasks, cases and programs underway, updated in near-immediate real-time. Customise what you see, view key statistics, and create charts and graphs without writing code. Track and monitor your workload, your team’s tasks, or other metrics. View or export comprehensive change logs for reporting, audit, and analytics purposes.

Knowledge base – your information hub

Xugo’s knowledge base puts a complete library of your reference information at your fingertips. Store and access procedures, regulatory documentation, technical data, safety procedures, raw materials, records and more. Content can be configured for context-driven access, making it accessible to the relevant parties when it’s needed. Experience efficient information management and retrieval in one comprehensive platform.

In-depth reports on demand

Stay up-to-date and respond quickly to requests/incidents with the ability to create reports on demand or choose an ideal reporting schedule. Share your reports via email and the web. Xugo’s full lifecycle management capabilities and comprehensive reporting provide a clear picture of works at every stage. Generate progress reports on works programs to track progress against task allocation by sites/teams/contractor groupings. Produce detailed custom reports with granular scheduling and extensive publishing options.

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