sing work management software (WMS) to collate and synchronise business operations and tasks can help organisations ensure everyone is on the same page and everything is running smoothly. But WMS can only be effective if it is implemented with the specific needs of the business in mind.

WMS offers a single authoritative source of information, which provides the necessary tools to streamline and optimise processes and systems across different departments/sites, personnel and activities – showcasing the ‘big picture’ for all operations.

It must be reliable and comprehensive enough to alert staff to possible hazards in real-time for incident response, maintain detailed records and continuously find opportunities for improvement.

As a result, WMS is integral to businesses and organisations in all industries. But a WMS needs to be more than just a powerful system.

The right software should be tailored to an individual organisation’s needs and have people at the heart of the technology.

A 'truly cloud' software

Xugo is a cloud-based management solution designed as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) which connects processes, teams and programs across an entire organisation digitally.

Xugo is made for clients who require a system for work management and compliance control to ensure all operations run smoothly and in line with national and international standards.

Clients across the globe in various industries use Xugo because it provides customised support for everything including asset management, consumer relations, conducting and recording investigation results, and serving as a quality tool.

Easy to use and implement, Xugo removes the steep learning curve of other software, making it intuitive for staff to use regardless of technical ability.

As a cloud-based software, it utilises the best features that the cloud provides, such as adaptability with regular updates, and versatility with the option to use it on all browsers, operating systems and mobile devices.

But what sets it apart from other software is its ability to be configurable to fit individual requirements.

Personalisation is key

As a SaaS, Xugo offers everything an effective WMS has but with the added value of personalisation, which ensures the software works for the business in every way.

Being configurable to an organisation’s unique requirements, there is no need to re-engineer or change workplace processes. During implementation, Xugo is set up to suit an individual organisation’s needs in terms of workforce, programs and activities.

This personalisation helps businesses to:

Even after implementation, Xugo adapts and evolves with the business as it is used, ensuring everyone is on the same page and all operations are running as they should. This flexibility gives an organisation control over every aspect of the software.

Aside from collecting information, there are also customisable security access options for control and monitoring, using industry-standard encryption. Being able to personalise data security options ensures organisations can adequately secure vital information to desired levels.

The people behind the software

However, implementing Xugo doesn’t just involve introducing new technology to your workforce. What sets it apart from other software is the direct assistance from the people behind Xugo.

Digital management solutions are often hard to implement and use because they are designed as ‘cookie cutter’ software. Larger international software companies don’t have the time to work with every business that uses their WMS to account for all their varying needs.

Instead these businesses must force themselves to fit the software, rather than the software fitting the business.

With Xugo, there is no need to change your workflow because Xugo is tailored to suit your system and processes. The Xugo team helps clients get the most out of their WMS by ensuring Xugo can cater to any organisation, no matter how small or large, with customised support and aftercare.

Xugo’s team is committed to building ongoing partnerships with clients in order to provide large-scale and comprehensive solutions – built on extensive industry knowledge and technical expertise spanning two decades – while still prioritising clients.

If an organisation encounters issues or requires assistance, Xugo’s team in Australia is there to help, working directly with clients to ensure Xugo best suits their requirements.

Ongoing support

Implementing Xugo is uniquely tailored for clients throughout the entire process. After installation, clients can benefit from ongoing support from the Xugo team that is personalised and individual.

The Xugo team takes pride in client satisfaction, which involves giving continuous technical support to users to ensure Xugo can adapt to serve an organisation’s development.

To maximise the benefits of WMS, an organisation must select a digital solution that fits its unique requirements, such as its programs, industry standards or staff needs.

The philosophy behind Xugo is to provide a system for large-scale and complex solutions which is also able to look after clients individually. This supportive and personalised customer-service-oriented approach makes sure that Xugo will work for any organisation by making allowances during implementation and after.

Xugo evolves to match an organisation’s changing needs, programs and personnel, without disrupting workflow.

Offering the best of both worlds, Xugo is powerful enough to provide superior digital solutions, while also being small enough to care about your business’ individual needs.

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