Why digitisation is the buzzword on everyone’s lips

April 8, 2023


s operations and regulations become more and more complicated with developing technology, everyone is talking about digitisation. But what exactly can a digital work management system do for your business?

Using work management software (WMS) enables continuous improvement and streamlines day-to-day operations by automating processes such as data entry, and offering an overview of all tasks and actions.

Particularly, cloud-based software such as Xugo allows for regular updates, accurate and up-to-date information, and satisfactory regulatory compliance.

Xugo makes completing tasks easier and more efficient. Through digitising your system with Xugo, you have an intuitive and simple to use management system that creates a centralised source of data and improves accountability.

A single centralised information system

Going digital means having one centralised system for all information, communication and reporting.

This authoritative source of data automatically collates reports, emails, customer information, tasks, investigations, and more into the same system so it’s easy-to-find for all staff. Data can be accessed anywhere – in the office, in the field or at home – and from any device.

Not to mention, with Xugo, all information kept on the system is secured with industry-standard encryption, giving you control over who gets access to that information and preventing breaches.

With automation, all data is up-to-date as it’s collected automatically from different sources such as programs and emails, ensuring everyone has accurate information at all times.

A digital system makes processes automated and information accessible to ensure nothing is overlooked and no one is left behind.

Preventative rather than reactive

With automated data entry, there’s no need to manually input information into Xugo, which helps to avoid preventable mistakes and the harsh ramifications of not meeting regulatory requirements.

Using a comprehensive management system can encourage a preventative rather than reactive approach to incident response and problem solving.

With Xugo’s dashboard, incidents are flagged as they happen, which enables staff to respond almost immediately to resolve an issue.

Xugo compiles detailed records of who has done what and what still needs to be completed to assist with regulatory compliance. With an overview of all operations, your business can prepare and tackle problems with all relevant and current data in a holistic way.

A manual system of data entry and file transfer requires extra time and effort from staff to compile all relevant data for incident response or when proving compliance to a regulator. Xugo allows all of that information to be at your fingertips and ready to go when needed, removing that unnecessary hassle.

Built for optimisation

Xugo offers features that a non-digital management system can’t. It’s intuitive and built for optimisation, which helps keep everyone on the same page and alleviate the burden of regulatory compliance.

With a centralised system for all information, your business can be ready for whatever challenge that comes your way because you’ll have the information, records and approach to tackle audits, investigations and reviews.

As technology develops and demands change, continuing to meet customer expectations, and complying with standards and food safety programs around the world doesn’t have to be difficult when software like Xugo is available and easy to use.

Need help? Contact the Xugo team to learn more 👍 about upgrading to a digital management system, keeping everyone on the same page and alleviating the burden of regulatory compliance.

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