emena owns and operates more than $11 billion worth of major utility infrastructure across northern Australia and the east coast, supplying millions of households and businesses with essential services every day.

The utility’s Victorian electricity network distributes electricity to approximately 360,000 customers across a network spanning 6,160km and comprising 107,304 spans.

The challenge

Prior to using Xugo, Jemena faced challenges in overseeing operations associated with its vegetation management program. The utility’s previous system did not offer flexibility, failed to capture all regulatory-prescribed information and was hindered by obsolete field hardware and an unsupported operating system.

Zinfra, a service provider owned by Jemena, conducts field scoping and vegetation inspections in the field, while Active Tree Services (ATS) also performs cutting and clearing tasks within scoped areas.

Jemena’s requirements

“Our previous vegetation management system wasn’t able to provide an end-to-end solution with clear visibility of the program delivery and the state of compliance of our assets. From a reporting and governance perspective we were largely blind to what was happening in the field.”

“I was surprised with how easy it’s been to learn how to use the works manager and field view interface,” Richard said. “It’s very intuitive and user-friendly.”

“We continue to work closely with the SFI team to fine tune the product to meet our evolving needs and look forward to a bright future ahead together.”

We’ve only just begun realising the potential that the Xugo platform has to offer our business. The transition from our old Vegetation Management System across to Xugo was always expected to be challenging but after the first year with Xugo I can confidently say it was an excellent and seamless experience bringing significant efficiencies and benefits to the business.

The result

Since migrating over to Xugo, Jemena has experienced a significant boost in efficiency, with a 40 per cent increase in assessment volume observed within the first year. It is expected this will only improve as Jemena becomes more familiar with all of Xugo’s capabilities and gradually updates its span data.

So far, the key benefit is the reporting and analytic tools which can be tailored by the individual user for a specific requirement, enabling users to build dynamic reports on the spot to create descriptive and meaningful data.

Regularly fortnightly data uploads from GIS means Jemena has an up-to-date model of the network to work off, rather than an annual snapshot of the data. This helps eliminate confusion and errors in the field, therefore increasing compliance.

key benefits
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