f all the responsibilities utility companies must undertake, asset management is arguably the most important. With all the focus centred on maintaining physical assets, oftentimes organisations may begin to neglect their most valuable asset – their customers. Utilising an effective work management software (WMS) can enable utilities to better communicate with their customers and successfully manage customer relationships.

Assets that organisations in the utility industry are contracted to manage encompass everything involved in the transmission, transportation, or distribution of electric energy or natural or manufactured gas. Mismanagement of these kinds of assets can be dangerous to the public’s health and wellbeing and so organisations employ a great deal of resources to ensure their ongoing safety and security.

With such a wide range of critical assets to manage – often across a large network – those that pose less of a physical risk to the public may sometimes fall to the wayside.

Creating positive customer relationships

Customer management entails overseeing a company’s relationship with not only its existing customers, but potential customers as well. Organisations with the best customer management are able to interpret and deal with the needs and expectations of customers, through successful planning, communication and management.

Customers want to feel that their concerns are being heard, taken seriously and influencing the actions of the organisations they utilise. Utilities exist to provide their customers with essential services, and ensuring this process is smooth, efficient and painless for customers is a top priority for utilities.

Servicing so many customers across a large network results in the collection and processing of large amounts of data, which can be difficult to keep track of. However, employing an efficient, secure and effective WMS that can store and process real-time data enables organisations to better manage customer relationships.

The difference with Xugo

A WMS like Xugo allows organisations in the utility industry to deliver enhanced customer relationship management. In addition to facilitating this increase in customer management, employing a solution such as Xugo has the added benefits of:

Xugo’s WMS allows organisations in the utilities industry to better understand the standards they should be striving for when it comes to how they engage with and manage customer relationships.

One of the main ways Xugo sets itself apart from other work management solutions is the team’s dedication to delivering a customised, personalised, exceptional customer service experience.

Based on a philosophy of catering to each and every client individually and tailoring solutions to their unique needs, the team at Xugo helps users achieve real results, regardless of the size of their current business.

Committed to building exceptional ongoing partnerships with clients and underpinned by extensive domain knowledge and technical expertise, Xugo can provide large-scale and complex solutions, while remaining client-focused and customer service-centred.

Instead of just providing effective and efficient technology, the team behind Xugo works with users to optimise the WMS to best suit their needs and processes, providing personalised support that changes and evolves with their business.

Manage all stages of customer contact

Xugo WMS is capable of managing, storing and maintaining:

Xugo’s WMS goes above and beyond other systems, with valuable workflows and business rules to ensure customer concerns and extra service requirements are not overlooked or missed.

Xugo enables organisations to easily engage with their consumers, brands and teams, and is specifically designed to monitor customer contact and ensure product and service quality is maintained and enjoyed by customers.

The customisable nature of its WMS means Xugo can manage all phases of contact with customers, effectively navigating users through compliance processes with superior communication capabilities that aid the processes for improved quality assurance.

As well as boosting customer communication and relationship management, Xugo promotes internal collaboration, with multiple team members able to use Xugo. As a result, users can help large numbers of consumers with a smaller team.

Turning complaints around

In the instance of customer dissatisfaction, Xugo manages the entire process, capturing feedback or complaints from all types of sources and channels such as social media, email, web ‘product feedback forms’, phone calls and creates the case and responds to the customer all within Xugo.

Once case information has been collected, the WMS enables users to manage and track cases, using Xugo’s workflows to route the incident/feedback to the appropriate area for action.

An additional benefit of Xugo is the ability to track similar complaints over defined time periods and geographical locations, allowing Xugo users to quickly identify a failing asset or network outage, for example. Spotting these trends can help work dispatchers direct their resources to correct faults and take other preventative actions to reduce repeat incidents, and provide network customers with a better experience.

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